The Nutrition and Health Science department has made many scholarships and financial opportunities available to our students. We offer scholarships at the undergraduate level.

In addition to scholarships from the department, Ball State University offers many scholarship awards and financial aid to students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Through the generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the Department of Nutrition and Health Science, several scholarships are available for our departmental majors. The Departmental Honors & Awards Committee, appointed by the Department Chairperson, oversees the scholarship application and selection process. 

Each scholarship has different selection requirements and procedures. Some scholarships are selected by the Department Faculty; other scholarships require a student application and supporting materials. The scholarship application form is available on the Department website beginning mid-January of each year. Completed scholarship applications are due in early to mid-February. Scholarship winners are formally recognized at our Departmental Honors & Awards Banquet, held in March or April of each year. A full list of the available scholarships, estimated award amounts, and eligibility requirements are listed on the scholarship page.

Scholarships are competitive. To prepare, students are encouraged to:

    1. Maintain a high grade point average, particularly in major course work
    2. Maintain membership, and most importantly, involvement, in health and physiology-related 
        professional organizations
    3. Gain work or volunteer experience related to the profession
    4. Complete service learning activities 
    5. Demonstrate evidence of positive character traits including a strong work ethic, 
        responsibility, respect, and civility.

In addition, a consistent, demonstrated commitment to fostering healthy behavior in self, others, and society is also important. We would like to encourage students to apply for these scholarships and to take advantage of a unique opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments.