The criminal justice and criminology field is a crowded marketplace. But a bachelor’s degree can lead you in a number of career directions, including professional positions in probation departments, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions for juvenile or adults, parole offices, or community treatment and service settings.

While the list of potential occupations is substantial, the more frequently chosen careers include the following:

  • Law enforcement positions are found in the city, town, state, federal police departments and agencies.
  • Probation officers are employed in local, state, and federal courts where they handle cases of offenders being brought to the attention of the courts.
  • Institutional counselors work in adult and juvenile correctional institutions as counselors and social service providers.
  • Correctional officers are employed in security institutions as custodial staff to provide security and safety of institution’s population and staff.
  • Parole officers are responsible for the supervision of adult and juvenile defenders released by state or federal agencies.
  • Victim or witness advocates are employed in local, state, and federal agencies to assist victims of crimes and witnesses to crime.

Plus, you also may find careers as:

  • Research personnel in law enforcement agencies
  • Research personnel in correctional agencies
  • Auxiliary personnel in the field of communication
  • Auxiliary personnel in laboratory work
  • Private investigative agencies
  • Counselors
  • Rehabilitation counselors
  • Staff personnel in private youth agencies
  • Staff personnel in halfway houses
  • Staff personnel in residential treatment centers
  • Corporate security
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Lobbyist
  • Paralegal
  • Secret Service, CIA, or FBI professionals

Considering Law School?

If law school is in your future, criminal justice and criminology is an excellent pre-law program, especially if you have an interest in public law such as prosecution, defense, and government legal representation.