Your Courses

Ball State’s online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and criminology requires you to fulfill a minimum of 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree.

Your plan of study will include:

Our Program is Different

Most degrees in criminal justice and criminology require classes in corrections, policing, criminology, applied research methods, introductory data analysis techniques, and courses related to law and society.

Popular electives include juvenile justice; decision-making and ethics; criminal law and procedure; community corrections; police administration; victimology; and race, ethnicity and gender. Ball State’s program includes those courses.

Where we’re different is that we emphasize best practices and data-driven decision-making, ethics, and cultural competency courses. We also focus on theory, politics, public perceptions, policy development, and policy implementation. Recent shifts by the justice system have put the focus on these core issues, and so have we.

This degree reveals the theoretical, philosophical, and practical aspects of the law as well as the policies that directly and indirectly impact society, social control, and public safety. Program priorities include:

  • understanding the functions and processes of the criminal justice system
  • learning the role of criminology as it informs public policy
  • identification and adoption of best practices

Capstone Experience

An important distinction that Ball State offers with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and criminology is a capstone experience, which allows you to bring together all you learned into a meaningful, real-life experience. 

Testing and Advanced Credits

Ball State provides you opportunities to gain college credit via exams such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Ball State departmental exams.

Or, you may qualify for credits for military service and/or police or other criminal justice system training, education and service.

You can learn more about these from the advisor assigned to you.

You Earn the Same Degree

The curriculum for the online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and criminology is the same as the curriculum used for the program taught on our main campus.