Finding Classroom Effectiveness 

Research provides a clear connection between student success and teacher success. That’s why Indiana licensing regulations and teacher evaluations are moving to a model of improving teacher effectiveness. While the differentiation of teacher effectiveness is a district responsibility, the goal of the new evaluation process is to increase teacher effectiveness to achieve the “Highly Effective” teacher rating.

As part of your professional growth plan toward becoming an increasingly “Highly Effective” teacher, the new certificate in enhanced teaching practice for elementary teachers concentrates on the areas of purposeful planning, effective instruction, and teacher leadership. Focus is also given to daily classroom practice, including areas such as managing the classroom, use of technology, the teaching of reading, differentiated instruction, and forming family partnerships.

You can use the certificate as an interim step before completing your master's in elementary education (MAE) and still complete a needed credential to meet state requirements. And you can apply the courses to your master’s when you decide to take that step.

Mode of Delivery

This program is offered 100 percent online.

Academic Advisor

Linda Martin, Professor
Department of Elementary Education

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