A Credential for Community College Teachers

If you are a community college mathematics instructor, you may know that math can be the obstacle to degree completion for many students.

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and other community colleges across the country are encouraging, if not mandating, mathematics instructors to take graduate-level math classes or earn a master’s in general education math to help refine their classroom skills.

One option for community college instructors is Ball State’s certificate in post-secondary foundational mathematics teaching, which provides you with 15 of the 18 credits required for math credentialing.

This math certificate provides you with the mathematics content and pedagogical knowledge needed to teach effectively at the post-secondary foundational mathematics level. For you, the benefit is learning different ways to engage foundational learners with mathematical concepts. For your students, it means success in continuing their studies at a four-year college or in their workplace.

Some of the courses in this certificate can be applied to a master of arts in mathematics education, if you wish to continue your graduate work.

Mode of Delivery

This program is offered fully online. Courses are taught in an asynchronous format in which you work on weekly assignments at the times and places most convenient to you.

Academic Advisor

Dr. Ann Leitze, Professor of mathematics education
Department of Mathematical Sciences

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