Giving Voice to English Language Learners

If your classroom is in a community in Indiana, no doubt you have encountered students who are speaking the English language for the first time. During the first decade of the 21st century, Indiana had the second fastest growing English language learner (ELL) population in the nation, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

But as an educator and community leader who’s aware of the linguistically and culturally diverse populations who are making Indiana their home, it’s your role—if not your professional privilege—to serve elementary and secondary students who may be struggling with your content due to language barriers.

What Ball State Can Do for You

Ball State can prepare you to support English language learners with our English as a new language license. This add-on license requires a total of five courses (three credits each) and can be finished in a year.

Courses for the license provide practical applications which you can take into your classroom the very next day.

Our license program is organized around five domains that support TESOL’s (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) P-12 Teacher Education Program Standards:

  1. Language
  2. Culture
  3. Instruction
  4. Assessment
  5. Professionalism

The program uses the five domains to provide a broad foundation for teachers who want their students to enjoy classroom success and become fully integrated into the life of the school and the community.

Achievement data suggest that English language learners lag behind their peers. But this licensing credential can help you and your school prepare to teach this growing population. As an educator-ambassador, your efforts can enrich the future of the Hoosier city or town where you teach.

Mode of delivery

Because it’s offered 100 percent online, this licensure program won’t interrupt your teaching career.

If you are an Indiana teacher, discover how you can lead your school in serving linguistically and culturally diverse students. Today, you can learn about admission requirements and how to apply.

Academic advisor

Lynne Stallings
Advisor, English as a New Language License