To complete this certification, you must hold a valid business teaching license (to add marketing as a licensure area), complete the required course work, and provide verification of required occupational experience. You may apply BED 592, BED 593, and BED 622 toward a master of arts in business education degree.


  • BED 622 Instructional Materials and Strategies for Improvement of Instruction (3 credits)
  • BED 592 Managing Work-Based Learning Programs (3 credits) 
  • BED 593 Philosophy, Organization, and Administration of CTE (3 credits)
  • Content courses in marketing (12 credits)
  • Complete and pass the Pearson CTE: Marketing test.

Verification of Experience

You must have 4,000 clock hours of approved occupational experience in marketing. Verification should be in the form of letters from a former employer or employers that specify the types of work performed, time period covered, and hours of occupational experience (in clock hours).