This license is designed to train you to work with students who have various levels of hearing impairments. 

If you intend to obtain a teaching license in deaf education, you are required to get a licensure evaluation from Ball State’s Office of Teacher Education Services before starting the program. The evaluation will provide you with a list of courses and exam requirements for an Indiana license in deaf education. 

Potential courses* required for this license are:

  • SPCE 540: History of Education of Deaf Students and Psychology of Deafness (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 546: Teach Strategies for Speech/Social Communications for Deaf Students (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 548: Practicum in Deaf Education (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 554: Introduction to Language for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 556: Language Methods for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 558: Teaching Reading and School Subjects to Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 600: Education of Exceptional Children (3 credit hours)
  • SPCE 670: Practicum in Special Education: Deaf (1-9) (3 credit hours)
  • SNLN 551: American Sign Language 1 (3 credit hours)
  • SNLN 552: American Sign Language 2 (3 credit hours)
  • SPAA 543: Introduction to Audiology (3 credit hours)

*Initial teacher licensing will require additional course work.