As you look at the profile of our students, you may see someone that you recognize.

  • Our students are predominantly working adults who are 30 and older.
  • Most of our students do not enter this degree program immediately after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. 
  • Most of our students are employed and pay for tuition with personal resources and/or financial aid.
  • They generally seek this degree to improve their professional skills, seek a promotion, or pursue a career change.
  • They are employed in a variety of occupations in a variety of settings: nonprofit organizations, health, government agencies, community colleges, universities, K-12 school administration, military, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.
  • Many students like this degree because they can apply their expertise in a multitude of job positions or settings, rather than specializing in one.
  • Our students enjoy working in teams and are always seeking alternatives to the competitive, productive, and/or profitable.

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