Our master of arts degree for business and marketing education educators offers nine tracks you can follow, whether you are currently teaching business and marketing related subjects at the high school level or at the community college level, or working as a business consultant or trainer.

  • Adult Education—Follow this track if you work—or plan to work—with adults in community education programs.
  • Business and Industry Trainer—Business and marketing education teachers who are looking toward advanced study at the doctoral level in business education or career and technical education should consider this track.
  • Community College—If you are a current or aspiring community college instructor with a bachelor’s in business, follow this track to meet community college requirements. As a college educator, you can teach dual credit classes at your local high school.
  • Curriculum and Instruction—Consider this track if you are a middle school or secondary education educator and you’d like the challenge of curriculum and instruction improvement.
  • Customized—If you have credits to transfer but they don’t fit into one of our specific tracks, consider working with an advisor to build your own track based on your career goals.
  • Dual Credit—If you are a licensed middle or high school business teacher without a master’s degree or a bachelor’s in business or related field, update your credentials. As a high school educator, you can teach dual credit classes at your high school.
  • Educational Technology—This is a track that provides you with enhanced technical skills and, quite possibly, a technology leadership role at your school.
  • Master Educator—Take this track if a customized advanced degree will meet your professional needs and give you a broad overview of the role of today’s teacher.
  • Special Education—If your passion is special needs students, this track will give you the expertise to teach business skills to a special audience.