Our 30-credit, all-online master of arts in technology education is designed around the already licensed technology teacher who works in grades 6-12 teaching subjects like pre-engineering, manufacturing, communications technology, drafting, design, energy systems, and wood technology. This program will help improve and update your curriculum, instruction, understanding, and research abilities and help you become a leader at your school and in your field.

Plus, you will be getting your degree from a university that has a long-established and well-regarded master's in technology education program taught by innovators in online education from our Department of Technology.

As part of your bachelor's degree studies to become a teacher, you likely studied a variety of technical tools and materials. This graduate program builds on that initial preparation by providing you with an action-oriented approach to examine technological issues, curriculum content, and instructional practices.

Our 30-credit master's degree offers you the flexibility and convenience of 100 percent online education. Plus, the quality of learning is enhanced by small classes. We include a master's thesis option to provide you with rigorous preparation if you are planning on doctoral studies.

We are accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. While the degree does not include teacher licensure, it may still help you meet your particular licensing needs within your state. Please consult your state/provincial teacher licensing office as needed. 

If you are interested in this degree, you might also be interested in learning about our master of arts in career and technical education. The degrees are similar but offer different benefits depending on your career and educational needs.

If you teach others about our technological world, then the master of arts in technology education could be a great fit for you. If you are instead looking for a way to use instructional technology in the classroom, then please consider the master of arts in curriculum and educational technology.

Academic Advisor

Jim Flowers, PhD
Department of Technology

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