You must take 30 credit hours for master's in technology education degree. All courses listed below are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise indicated.

Professional Core, 15 credit hours
Choose five courses:

  • TEDU 510 Technology: Use and Assessment
  • TEDU 635 Implementing Technology Education 
  • *TEDU 690 History and Philosophy of Technology Education (not for those with credit in TEDU 568)
  • *TEDU 691 Strategies and Materials for Teaching Technology Education (not for those with credit in TEDU 552)
  • TEDU 694 Curriculum Development in Technology Education 
  • TEDU 698 Seminar in Technology Education 

Research Requirements, 3 credit hours required

  • TEDU 699 Research in Technical Education (required)
  • CRPR 698 Creative Project
  • RES 697 Rsearch Paper
  • THES 698 Thesis (1–6 credit hours)

Directed Electives, to achieve at least 30 total credit hours 
These courses are subject to advisor approval.

  • EDPS 641 Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research (3 credit hours)
  • TEDU 550 Career and Technical Student Organizations
  • TEDU 695 Curriculum Evaluation in Technical Education
  • Other electives or transfer credits subject to approval by your program advisor, such as:
    • Courses from the methods in education and psychological research
    • Courses from the this program (except TEDU 552 and TEDU 568) 
    • Other electives or transfer credits approved by your advisor

* Note: Master of arts in technology education students should not enroll in TEDU 552 or TEDU 568, but instead enroll in the parallel courses TEDU 691 and TEDU 690.