Advance or begin your interior designer career with our master of arts (MA) or master of science (MS) degree in interior design. 

This rigorous and innovative program will equip you to be a professional interior designer, as well as to develop and hone your creative processes in your pursuit of design excellence. The program emphasis is on research and theory (VS design) and during the course of study, you will learn design theory, environmental psychology, graphic communication skills, and design for ergonomic, accessibility, functional, and cultural needs. Your practical skills will be complemented with design theory, critical thinking skills, and other knowledge that will make sure you continue growing and evolving as the needs of our global populations change.

Modes of Delivery

  • 100 Percent Online —You can do your course work from anywhere. Costs are less, but the same personal attention that Ball State is known for is the same. The fully online program is designed for candidates with a bachelor's degree in interior design or architecture from an accredited program. Submission of portfolio to assess your design and computer graphic skills is required for this program. You will be required to take on-site undergraduate courses at our Muncie, Indiana campus, if your undergraduate degree is any another field. International students: Please carefully read the information on requirements related to international students on our how to apply page.

What You Will Study

As a graduate of our program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of interior design as it relates to functional, cultural, and ergonomic needs of diverse populations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of interior design as it relates to human behavior and space programming (for example, research and identification of clients' needs as related to behavioral settings, proxemics, density and crowding, personal space and territory).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of graphic communication skills needed for the professional practice of design (for example, digital trends, cutting-edge animation techniques, digital rendering techniques).
  • Integrate various approaches and articulations of creative and critical thinking through the study of innovative design methodologies, scholarly design articles related to the social, cultural and economic developments over time, and works of key practitioners, theorists, and critics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in creative expression and intellectual leadership through the study of professional standards, ethical procedures, and transnational models covering management and entrepreneurship policies.
  • Develop a commitment to lifelong learning and other creative and intellectual pursuits.

Which Track is Right for You?

Two tracks for this degree are offered:

  • Fast Track If you have a bachelor's degree in architecture or interior design, your program will require only 33 credits and can be completed within two years.
  • Three Year Program If you have no prior design education, this option requires taking an additional 47 credits of undergraduate core courses which are offered only on-campus. You are not required to submit a portfolio of your past projects for this option unless you have taken some design-related courses and wish to receive credit for undergraduate core courses.

Academic Advisor

Dr. Shireen Kanakri, Assistant Professor
Interior Design

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