College Transition Program

About Dual Credit at Ball State

Delta High School teacher Lance Brand believes dual credit courses can eliminate fears of the unknown for entering college students.

Ball State's College Transition Program (CTP) provides a convenient and unique way for high school students to participate in and experience college courses. Our dual credit courses with modified curricula satisfy both high school and collegiate standards. You can graduate from high school prepared and confident to learn and grow in the competitive world of academia.

Our courses emphasize college-level critical thinking and writing skills, exposing you to the rigors and challenges of the college curriculum. We focus on college preparation by assuring quality instruction and giving you an experience otherwise unattainable before entering college. 

Our program is one of only a few preferred dual credit providers approved by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.
Successful completion of a dual credit course establishes and builds your college academic record, the same as if taken on campus, and would apply toward graduation requirements the same as if taught on campus.

Benefits for High School Students

  • demonstrate to college boards that you are able to successfully complete college-level work
  • allow you to begin your freshman year of college with credit toward graduation as well as earn credit toward your high school graduation
  • ease the transition from high school to college by preparing you to study for college-level courses
  • help you explore various majors
  • offer an opportunity to assess how prepared you are for college
  • help you get into and stay in college
  • give you the confidence to succeed in college
  • provide you with access to an excellent, accredited university
  • allow you to have access to several Ball State resources

Benefits for Parents

  • shorten the total time your child spends in college
  • reduce tuition costs because dual credit courses are offered at significantly lower costs
  • provide an early opportunity for you to assess whether or not your child is ready for college

Learn about admission requirements and how to apply.