Available Courses and Transferring Credit to Other Universities

Below are lists of courses offered through dual credit. Courses on the lists marked with a Y are transferable to all Indiana public colleges and university campuses, assuming the student made adequate grades.

Indiana's Public Colleges and Universities
Through the Transfer Indiana program, the state has developed a Core Transfer Library (CTL), which lists courses that will transfer among all Indiana public colleges and university campuses, assuming adequate grades. Please note that even if a course transfers, it may not mean that this course can count as credit toward a particular major. You will need to check with the college or university you wish to attend to learn if it will or will not.

The Indiana Core Transfer Library provides additional information about transferability of courses. High school students wishing to satisfy the Core 40 with the Academic Honors Diploma requirements must take the dual credit courses selected from the CTL.

Private and Out-of-State Colleges and Universities
If you want to transfer credit to a private in-state college or any out-of-state college, you will need to check with that institution to see if it will accept this credit.