Courses You Will Take

You must take 30 credit hours for the master's in career and technical education degree. All courses listed below are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise indicated.

Professional Core, 9 credit hours required
Choose three courses:

  • TEDU 550 Career and Technical Student Organizations 
  • *TEDU 552 Strategies and Materials for Career and Technical Education (not for those with credit in TEDU 691)
  • *TEDU 568 Principles and Philosophy of Career and Technical Education (not for those with credit in TEDU 690)
  • TEDU 569 Organization and Coordination of Career and Technical Education 
  • TEDU 696 Coordinating and Conducting Cooperative Education Programs 
  • TMFG 560 Occupational Safety and Health

Note: Students in the master's in career and technical education program should not enroll in TEDU 690 or TEDU 691, but should instead take TEDU 568 and TEDU 552.

Research Requirements, 3 credit hours required

  • TEDU 699 Research in Technical Education (required course)
  • CRPR 698 Creative Project (3 or 6 credit hours)
  • RES 697 Research Paper
  • THES 698 Thesis (1–6 credit hours) (optional)

Directed Electives, to achieve at least 30 total credit hours

  • TEDU 510 Technology: Use and Assessment 
  • TEDU 600 Special Topics: Curriculum Evaluation in Technical Education
  • EDPS 641 Statistical Methods in Education and Psychological Research 
  • Other electives such as:
    • Any course from the professional core shown above that has not yet been taken
    • Any courses from the master's in technology education except TEDU 690 and TEDU 691
    • Other electives or transfer credits, subject to approval by your program advisor  

Track Options
Our tracks are: 

1. Community College Faculty and Industrial Trainers Track (for community college faculty or company trainers)

    • EDAC 631 Adult and Community Education  
    • EDAC 634 The Adult as a Learner 
    • EDAC 635 Strategies for Teaching Adults 

2. Administrative Track (for CTE administrators)

    • EDAC 631 Adult and Community Education
    • EDAD 600 Introduction to Educational Leadership 
    • EDAD 685 Fiscal Management of Educational Agencies
    • EDAD 692 In-service Workshop in Education (CTE Direction Internship)
    • SPCE 637 Organization and Administration of Special Education 

3. Indiana CTE Teacher Track (for Indiana teachers and most other states)

    • All six professional core classes listed above 

4. Curriculum Track (refine skills in evaluating and development of curricular materials)

    • EDTE 650 Curricular Integration of Learning Technology  
    • TEDU 552 Strategies and Materials for Career and Technical Education  
    • TEDU 695 C
    • TEDU 694 Curriculum Development in Technology Education 

5. Research Track (to assist in later doctoral studies)

    • EDPS 641 Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research  
    • EDPS 642 Intermediate Statistics 
    • THES 698 Thesis (6 credit hours)
6. Custom Track (can be created with the help and approval of your advisor to match your specific career goals)
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