Courses You Will Take

The following are the requirements to complete the MAE in Educational Administration and Supervision.

The order presented here is recommended, however you need to have completed (5) EDAD or (4) EDAD and EDSUP 650 before you can do your Internship. All courses are offered year round.

The Internship is very time-demanding, therefore, it is recommended to NOT take additional courses while in the Internship. We do understand, however, there are situations where this cannot be prevented (possibly due to course availability) in order to complete the program in the desired time frame.

Degree Requirements–36 credit hours
Major–27 credit hours

  • EDAD 600 Introduction to Educational Leadership (3) 
  • EDAD 630  Human Resource Development (3)
  • EDSU 650 Supervision of Instruction (3)
  • EDAD 689  The School Principal (3)
  • EDAD 684  Educational Finance and Ethics (3)
  • EDCU 601 Principles and Procedures of Curriculum Development 
  • EDAD 635  Educational Decision Making (3)    
  • EDAD 686  School Law (3)
  • EDPS 640 Methodology of Educational/Psychological Research (3) 
  • EDFO 621, 641, or EDMU 660 (see below) 
  • EDAD 694  Principal Internship (6)

The following required courses are from the Professional Education Core* and may be taken at any time (depending on availability):  

  • EDFO 621* Education and Ethics (3) 
  • EDFO 641* History of American Education (3) 
  • EDMU 660* Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Education in American Schools (3)

        Refer to the Ball State Graduate Catalog for a complete listing of the requirements for the administrator's license.