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Gifted and Talented Specialization

The specialization in gifted and talented education provides classroom teachers and other school professionals with the training necessary to deal with the assortment of issues concerning high ability children. This program takes a multi-perspective view of talent development with a focus on the practical application of theory and current practice in the field. These courses also allow students to obtain a high ability license.

Specialization in Gifted and Talented Education, 12 credit hours
All courses are offered online.

Core Gifted Education (9 credit hours)

    • EDPS 520 Introduction to Gifted and Talented Student (3)
    • EDPS 621 Identification and Evaluation of G/T Children (3)
    • EDPS 625 Models and Strategies for Gifted Learners (3)

    Electives, (choose 3 credit hours)

      • EDPS 611 Development of Creative Thinking (3)
      • EDPS 623 Investigating the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students (3)
      • EDEL 657 Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Programs for Gifted/Talented Students (3)