Installment Plan for Online and Distance Education Tuition

Your tuition may be paid in up to four installments over the course of a semester. An eBill will be produced monthly, showing the outstanding balance and any new activity on your student account since the last eBill.

You are eligible if you opt in to the installment plan each fall and spring, agree to the installment plan terms and conditions, and pay a $45 enrollment fee each semester. Installment plans are not available during summer semesters.

Installment Plan Pay Options

  1. Your four monthly installments will be calculated on the total charges on the initial semester eBill.
  2. Subsequent activity on your account (additional charges or credits) will cause your future installments to be recalculated.
  3. If you withdraw from Ball State, all unpaid installments are due and payable. Credits to your student account resulting from the withdrawal, if any, will first be applied to the outstanding balance before any eligible refund is issued. 
  4. You may prepay installments without penalty.

How to Agree to the Installment Plan
Log into your eBill account and select "Installment Payment Plan" and agree to the terms and conditions.

Installment Schedules
Your bills will be sent the first week of the month (picking up any registrations processed between cycles) with the due date being the first of each month. For example, if on September 7 you registered for an online, fall semester course this registration would be picked up with the October billing cycle and have a due date of November 1 with the payment including the first and second installment.

Please note that if you wish to pay in only 2-3 installments, you must pay each month that an installment is due.

Fall Term

  • First installment due September 1
  • Second installment due October 1
  • Third installment due November 1
  • Fourth installment due December 1

Spring Term

  • First installment due January 1
  • Second installment due February 1
  • Third installment due March 1
  • Fourth installment due April 1

Ball State does not offer an installment plan for summer courses.

Late Fees and Penalties
If you skip a payment, please be aware you will be charged a late fee for each payment you miss. If you have questions, review the terms and conditions, or contact the Bursar's Office.  

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