If you’re an online student who is looking for professional development opportunities and the chance to sharpen your networking and communication skills, Ball State’s Online Student Ambassador Program may be for you!

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What is an Online Student Ambassador?

Want to know what it’s like to be an Online Student Ambassador? Learn directly from our participants.

As an online student, you may juggle a number of roles—employee, parent, spouse, student, community volunteer. However, if you are looking for a new opportunity to lead and serve Ball State, consider the Online Student Ambassador Program.

This program is meant for you if:

  • you are having an enjoyable and rewarding online experience and want to share your success story with students and staff
  • you like the idea of empowering classmates to thrive in the classroom and to overcome obstacles along their academic paths
  • you are always ready to speak with students, faculty, and staff on issues relevant to the university community
  • you represent racial, ethnic, geographic, gender, age, and academic program diversity

Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a student pursuing one of our certificate programs, or a student taking a blend of online and main-campus classes, you may qualify to serve on our team of Online Student Ambassadors.

What are the benefits of being an Online Student Ambassador?

Our Online Student Ambassadors get to:

  • build professional relationships with experienced staff who direct Ball State Online operations
  • screen new support services, such as our online orientation sessions
  • network with faculty, staff, and other members in the Ball State community
  • gain valuable leadership experiences
  • boost and refine communication skills
  • create connections with your classmates
  • interact with students locally, regionally, and internationally

What are your duties as an Online Student Ambassador?

As an Online Student Ambassador, you are expected to:

  • connect with classmates via social media and our Online Student Commons, an online site where students can engage with classmates and faculty.
  • assist with the Ball State Online’s new programs.
  • attend interactive webinars, developmental training meetings, and other virtual events.
  • mentor online classmates who may need advice or encouragement.

What leadership and development opportunities are available to Online Student Ambassadors?

Each semester you will receive a calendar of events and opportunities held specifically for online students.They typically include:

  • livestream broadcasts for personal and professional development
  • facilitators of Online Student Commons discussions
  • student outreach programs
  • leadership workshops
  • social media and marketing advising