Dropping or Withdrawing from Individual Courses

Procedures for Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

  1. To drop or withdraw from individual courses, you can drop/withdraw using Self-Service Banner (SSB) via my.bsu.eduNOTE: If you wish to drop/withdraw from all your courses, follow these procedures.
  2. You should discuss all withdrawals with your instructor.
  3. Review the adjustment for withdrawal.

Difference Between a Drop and a Withdrawal
A "drop" means that you have dropped the course during a period where there is a 100 percent refund (review the adjustment schedule). No entry is made on your transcripts.

A "withdrawal" means that you have withdrawn from the course after the university's official drop period. You can only withdraw from courses during the course withdrawal period. This period spans the 60 percent duration of the course from your class start date. So for example, if you are in a 16-week course this would be from the first to the 45th day of class; for a 10-week course this would be from the first to the 30th day of class; for a five-week course this would be from the first to 15th day of class.

 If you withdraw from a course, any of the following may appear on your transcript: 

  • A grade of "W" is automatically given for each course in which you are registered when you withdraw from all courses during this period.
  • If you abandon your courses without having properly followed these procedures, you may receive an “F” grade. 
  • If you withdraw from all courses, your faculty members are notified. The faculty members teaching your course will record the last date of attendance and a grade of “W.”

After the Course Withdrawal Period Has Ended
If there are verifiable extenuating circumstances that make withdrawal from all courses necessary and academically justified after the withdrawal period, the Division of Online and Distance Education may grant an exception to the above withdrawal policy. Each faculty member is responsible for determining the grade you will be assigned, W or F.

Course Abandonment
Your inactivity in a course does not constitute a course drop or withdrawal. You will be financially responsible for the course registration unless you notify the appropriate person to drop or withdraw. Refunds calculations are based on the date you contacted the appropriate office.

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