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Withdrawing from your last or only course

We want you to be successful and achieve your educational goals through Ball State’s online and distance education programs, but understand that sometimes life’s obstacles get in the way of advancing your goals. If this happens and you feel you need to withdraw from your last or only course, we encourage that you start by calling our office at 1-800-872-0369 or 765-285-1581, so you can explore your best options.  

Our staff will help explain the guidelines regarding withdrawal and assist you with the necessary procedures. We can also advise you where to go to find out how withdrawing will effect your refund, your financial aid, and your potential reenrollment. We also encourage you to contact your academic advisor.

Active Duty Military
Of course our online classes are ideal for fitting the needs of active military personnel; however, if your circumstances related to your military duties suddenly make it impossible for you to continue, a specific policy applies.  

Withdrawal Guidelines for Students Taking ONLY Online or Distance Courses
If you need to withdrawal from your last or only course at any time on or after the first day of classes, please acquaint yourself with the withdrawal process and guidelines followed by the university:  

Starting the Process:

  • You may withdraw from individual courses through except for your last class. To withdraw from your last class you must fill out the online application for withdrawal. Note: If you are taking any of your courses on the main Ball State campus, please follow the main campus guidelines.
  • Course Withdrawal Period: This period spans the 60 percent duration of the course from your class start date. So for example, if you are in a 16-week course this would be from the first to the 45th day of class; for a 10-week course this would be from the first to the 30th day of class; for a five-week course this would be from the first to 15th day of class.

    — A grade of "W" is automatically given for each course in which you are registered when you withdraw from all courses during this period. 

    — If you abandon your courses without having properly followed these procedures, you may receive an “F” grade. 

    — If you withdraw from all courses, your faculty members are notified. The faculty members teaching your course will record the last date of attendance and a grade of “W.”

  • Withdrawal After the Course Withdrawal Period Because of Verifiable Extenuating Circumstances: If there are verifiable extenuating circumstances that make withdrawal from your last or only course necessary and academically justified after the withdrawal period, the Division of Online and Distance Education may grant an exception to the above withdrawal policy. Each faculty member is responsible for determining the grade you will be assigned, W or F.

Withdrawal Guidelines for Students Taking a Mix of Online and Main Campus Courses
Please contact the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs at 765-285-1545. Staff in this office will explain the guidelines regarding withdrawal and assist you with the necessary paperwork. They can help you understand how your decision effects your grades, tuition refund, your financial aid awards and student loans, housing contracts, and your potential reenrollment.

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