Course Offerings

Course Offerings for Spring 2013 :
Philosophy 100: Introduction to Philosophy (multiple instructors)
Philosophy 102: Introduction to Critical Reasoning (Kalumba)
Philosophy 200: Introduction to Logic (Eflin)
Philosophy 202: Ethics (Fry, Albrecht, Powell)
Philosophy 203: Social Philosophy (Kalumba)
Philosophy 312: Current Issues in Philosophy (Harrelson)
Philosophy 400: Immersive/Experiential Learning (Concepcion)
Philosophy 410: Theory of Knowledge (Eflin)
Philosophy 415: Professional and Practical Ethics (Albrecht)

Course Descriptions for Spring 2013:

Philosophy 203: Social Philosophy
This course involves a discussion and clarification of such basic social concepts as liberty, justice, and equality. It also includes a critical discussion of such normative issues as how liberty should be distributed and how justice can be maximized.

Philosophy 312: Current Issues in Philosophy: Personal Identity
This course will provide a detailed and pluralistic study of personal identity. We will consider the classic questions about what a person is, whether and how a person remains one over time, etc. But the major emphasis will be on the range of contemporary directions for questions of identity. These include reductive explanations, according to which personhood is determined by psychology or biology. But they also include various constructivist and narrativist studies of identity. We will study the roles that social categories (race, gender, etc.) play in our identity, as well as whether it makes sense to think of ourselves as characters in stories.

Philosophy 400: Immersive/Experiential Learning: Stance
Stance is an Immersive Learning course where Ball State students lead an international team of undergraduates in the production of the world's best undergraduate philosophy journal. Students improve their reading, writing, independent research, editing, production and collaborative skills while learning a great deal about a wide range of philosophical topics. Enrollment is by instructor permission only.

Philosophy 410: Theory of Knowledge
Epistemology is a seminar in contemporary approaches to justifying our beliefs as knowledge. Among the issue we will discuss are standard approaches to solving local and global skepticism, feminist critiques of the standard approaches as well as positive views that have been developed, and emerging strands such as virtue epistemology and naturalized epistemology.

Philosophy 415: Professional and Practical Ethics
This course will explore the distinctive characteristics of friendship. Our topics will include whether friendship involves a special kind of trust and a unique potential for betrayal, what we owe our friends, and the possibility that certain standards properly govern how we ought to exit a friendship. We will discuss the role of morality in friendship, that is, whether friendship is itself a moral ideal, or if it can require us to violate broader ethical obligations. (Can friendship require us to lie to or cheat someone else, for example?) Additionally, we will consider related notions of what it means to have healthy and unhealthy rivalries, and enemies.

Some of our frequently offered courses are listed below.  For course descriptions see the course catalog.

100 Introduction to Philosophy
200 Logic
202 Ethics
203 Social Philosophy
230 Environmental Ethics
300 History of Ancient Philosophy
302 History of Modern Philosophy
303 American Philosophy
304 Philosophy of Sport
305 Introduction to Logical Theory
306 Contemporary Philosophy
310 African Philosophy
312 Current Issues in Philosophy
404 Metaphysics
410 Theory of Knowledge
415 Professional and Practical Ethics
420 Contemporary Ethical Theory and Problems

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