Kevin Harrelson

Associate Professor of Philosophy

NQ 231  Phone: 765-285-8515  

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dr. Kevin Harrelson teaches History of Modern Philosophy (PHIL 302) and History of Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 300), as well as courses in the university core curriculum.  His pedagogy emphasizes storytelling and individualized student research, and he takes a multidisciplinary approach to philosophy.

Storytelling is also one topic of Dr. Harrelson’s research.  How, for instance, does memory limit our ability to tell stories about our own past?  There is a difference between a true story and a false one, but how does this fact square with classical definitions of truth as a property of statements or sentences?  Why is it that we can tell different kinds of true stories about the same event?

Dr. Harrelson has published numerous articles on how philosophers in particular have chosen to write their own history, on the received history of modern philosophy, and on other areas of modern philosophy including the existence of God and religious identity.  For more information on his publications please see his profile at philpapers ( or Academia (

Philosophy and Religious Studies
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