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Korsgaard Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The purpose of the Robert Korsgaard Outstanding Graduate Student Award is to recognize annually one or more graduate students enrolled in one of the specializations within the Physical Education and Sport Programs for their exemplary performance in the areas of scholarship, research, and professional service.  

 Academic Year  Name
Nathan Felver
2012-2013 Brian Foster 
2012-2013 Laura Simon 
 2011-2012  Kelly Diamond
 2011-2012  Jennifer Lape
2010-2011 Elizabeth Wanless
 2009-2010  Erin Gilreath
 2008-2009  Ryan Dean
 2007-2008  Rachel Theodore
 2006-2007  Joanna Morrissey
 2005-2006  Kelly Gamble
 2004-2005  Tammy Brant
 2003-2004  Lizabeth 'Tiz' Arnold
 2002-2003  Kendra Gotsch
 2002-2003  Jane Barber
 2001-2002  Erica Barber
 2000-2001  Bradley L. Taylor
 2000-2001  Vonya L. Olachovitch
 1999-2000  Heather Check
 1999-2000  Carrie Poss
 1998-1999  Kristin M. Jackson
 1997-1998  Christina Richart
 1997-1998  Melanie Ball
 1996-1997  Mandy Kriss Ethridge
 1995-1996  Catherine J. Burton
 1994-1995  Stephen J. Page
 1993-1994  Francine Armenth-Brothers
 1993-1994  Doug Johnson
 1992-1993  Mary Kay Lamparski
 1991-1992  Darin Powell
 1990-1991  Jennifer Edwards

 Liu Zhan