Charles W. Brown Planetarium

Charles W. Brown Planetarium

Charles W. Brown PlanetariumVisit the Charles W. Brown Planetarium at Ball State University and experience the night sky as you have never seen it before. The planetarium is an immersive theater where state-of-the-art technology transforms the 52-foot dome into a simulation of the night sky as seen from Earth and from space. For example, the audience can “fly” through Saturn’s rings, land on Mars, or travel to distant stars and galaxies. By combining real images from spacecraft and telescopes with advanced computer graphics, the possibilities become almost endless. The planetarium uses a GOTO CHRONOS II Hybrid projector with a RSA Cosmos digital system to display visualizations based on real scientific data. Programs are open to the public, school groups, and Ball State University students.

Upcoming Shows for Summer 2016

  Black Holes Wormholes the Moon
Undiscovered Worlds
  One World One Sky  

Visiting the Planetarium

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