Minor in Public Health

Minor in Public Health (22-26 hours)
This program includes courses in public health, health science, and political science. This minor combines well with majors in Health Science, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Biology, and Home Economics.

An internship with an approved health agency or educational institution is required. This professional experience takes place under the supervision of a university supervisor and the agency administrator for a period of time commensurate with academic credit.

If you register for a course but have not successfully completed its prerequisite, you will be dropped from the class.

HSC 180 - Principles of Community Health
HSC 387 - Quantitative Methods and Epidemiology
HSC 389 - Insects and Your Health
POLS 350 - Public Administration
HSC 479 - Practical Experience
HSC 482 - Environmental Health

Non-majors in Health Science complete 3 hours, majors in Health Science complete 7 hours from the following:

FL (Foreign Languages) courses(3-6 hrs)
ANTH 311 - Ethnicity and Race
BIO 113 - Microbiology for the Health Sciences
ECON 348 - Health Economics
FCSFN 247 - Foodservice Sanitation and Purchasing
NREM 101 - Environment and Society
NUR 103 - Health Behavior: Cultural Variations
PLAN 100 - Introduction to Urban Planning and Development
SOC 341 - Sociology of Health and Illness

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