Najma Javed


CL 359f  Phone: 765-285-5637  

Department of Physiology & Health Science
Cooper Science Building, CL 325
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Specialty Area

Najma Javed has been a member of the department since 1996. She specializes in the interaction of neural, immune, and endocrine mechanisms in human gastrointestinal disorders.


Ph.D.-Physiology, Ohio State University, 1992

M.S.-Physiology, Ball State University, 1987

M.D.-Medicine & Surgery, F.J. Medical College; Lahore, Pakistan, 1975


Book Chapters

Whitacre C. C., N. H. Javed, I. E. Gienapp, and K. L. Cox. “Oral Tolerance as a Therapeutic Approach to Autoimmune Disease: Administration of Peptide Antigens.” In: Peptides: Chemistry, Structure and Biology, Ed. P. T. Kaumaya and R. Hodges. England: Mayflower Sci. Ltd. P 764, 1996.

2. Helen J. Cooke, Najma Javed and Fievus Christofi. (2003) “Enteric Neural Reflexes and Secretion.” In: Autonomic Neuroimmunology, Vol 16, pp. 35-59. Edited by: John Bienenstock, Edward J. Goetzl , and Michael G. Blennerhasset. Series Editor: Geoffrey Burnstock. Taylor & Francis, New York and London.

Refereed Papers

Javed, N.H., Furman, D., & Khubchandani, J. (2013). The regulatory effects of Bifidobacterium Infantis on the secretomotor activity of the enteric nervous system. Chronicles of Young Scientists, 4(2), 114-120.

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Wunderlich, JE, J Xue, M Kim, NH Javed, F.L. Christofi, Z Suntres, JG Yu, I Grants, HJ Cooke. Mechanical stimulation of human enterochromaffin-BON cells release adenosine to act at A3 receptors to modulate 5-HT release. Gastroenterology, p.A-160, 2004.

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Kim M., H. J. Cooke, N. H. Javed, H. V. Carey, F. Christofi and H. E. Raybould. D-Glucose Releases 5-Hydroxytryptamine from Human BON Cells as a Model of Enterochromaffin Cells. Gastroenterology, 121 (6): 1400-1406, 2001.

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Kotecki, J. E., D. E. Siegel, and N. H. Javed. Outsourcing Your Web Presence: Questions and Considerations for the Health Professional. Journal of Health Education, Volume 29 (3):195-197, 1998.

Professional Organizations

American Physiological Society

American Association of Immunologists

Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

Indiana Academy of Science

Eta Sigma Gamma National Health Education Honorary

Pakistan Medical Council

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Association of Faculty and Professional Women, Ohio State University

American Association of University Women