If you have decided that a political science degree is right for you, consider Ball State University. The political science department offers several paths to an education in this discipline.

You can earn a bachelor’s degree by majoring in political sciencelegal studies, or choosing a teaching major in social studies. With the political science and legal studies majors, you have options to further specialize in your field, whether that is economics or international studies in political science, or business or public law within legal studies.

If your career goals don’t include a degree in political science but a basic course of study would complement your degree or satisfy a personal interest, consider a minor in political science or a minor in European studies. You often can work a minor into your schedule of classes without adding to the time it takes to complete your degree.

If you already have a four-year degree and you want to deepen your understanding of political science by earning a master’s degree you have several options. With the master of arts in political science you have the freedom to tailor your studies to your personal interests and career goals. We also offer a master of public administration degree in which you choose from a number of interdisciplinary concentrations to prepare for a career in public service at a government agency or nonprofit organization.

If you would like to pursue graduate study in public administration, but aren't sure if you want to commit to a full master's degree, then you should consider our 12-hour public administration graduate certificate.

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