In a survey of 35 federal agencies, Where the Jobs Are 2009: Mission-Critical Opportunities for America, government-wide projected hiring needs for the next three years are expected to be in the tens of thousands or more. With a large percentage of current federal employees preparing to retire, there are not enough young professionals to fill their positions. The recent survey also cites national security and the demand to support veterans as additional causes for the shortage of federal workers.

A career in public service can be very rewarding. If making a difference in your community, state, nation, or even the world is important to you, then consider a political science degree. Understanding the political process, evaluating public policy, and raising awareness about social issues are just a few ways you can empower yourself and others to make a difference.

Becoming a lawyer is another way to serve your community. Our department offers a pre-law designation, which allows you to meet with an advisor who will help you enroll in courses that will prepare you for law school. In fact, many of those courses can be found in our legal studies program.