Have you ever wondered why people behave as they do? To many people, human behavior seems unpredictable and often difficult to understand. To a student of psychology, there are clues to be found in personalities, abilities, influences, and motivations. Undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology can lead to fascinating careers, a deeper understanding of others, and greater awareness of one’s own behavior and motivations.

The psychological science major is designed for students with a variety of career goals. You may be seeking employment immediately after graduation, or you may use your degree as preparation for graduate study leading to a variety of careers in teaching, counseling, and other fields.

At Ball State, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in immersive learning experiences, in which students solve a real-world problem for a business or community partner. For example, psychology, premed, and health science majors combined to produce a Resource Guide and a support group for people living with HIV, a project that provided hands-on experience with psychosocial support and working with community organizations and agencies. Psychology majors were also part of an interdisciplinary group that worked together to address ways to break the prejudice habit. Their website includes public service announcements, teaching activities, interviews with advocates, and other resources that they created to help spread awareness of prejudice, establish harmony between groups, and promote acceptance of differences.

After Ball State, our psychology majors find employment in social service agencies, academics, business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Another popular career path for our graduates is to become a high school teacher. Our alumni have also worked in various student services positions on university campuses, and as trainers and educators for the mentally disabled.

A wide range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available.