To many people, human behavior seems unpredictable and often difficult to understand. To a student of psychology, there are clues to be found in personalities, abilities, influences, and motivations. Undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology can lead to fascinating careers, a deeper understanding of others, and greater awareness of one’s own behavior and motivations.

Ball State’s bachelor’s degrees in the Department of Psychological Science follow two distinct paths.

  • The major in psychology offers a broad understanding of psychological sciences that can be tailored to fit your interests and goals — from immediate employment after graduation to further studies aimed at an academic career.
  • The teaching major in psychology provides the education and training you’ll need to become a high school psychology teacher, through studies that also incorporate course work in Ball State’s outstanding Teachers College.

Many master’s degree students are working toward doctoral study in psychology, while some are building their credentials for a job.

  • Choose a master’s in clinical psychology for a strong background in abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, and assessment on your way toward earning a doctoral degree.
  • Cognitive psychology, social psychology, statistics, and research methods are among the focal points of the master’s degree in cognitive and social processes, which can be either a step toward a Ph.D. or a direct pathway toward a psychology job. 
  • Additional master’s degrees in psychological sciences include educational psychology and counseling psychology, which are offered through other departments.

No one knows better than Ball State that the classroom is only the beginning of the learning experience. Psychology students can choose from a rich menu of activities and opportunities that build upon their education, from student organizations to internships to honors studies to in-depth advising services. Also critical to students’ success are the generous financial aid and scholarship resources. Add it all together, and you’ll find that the Department of Psychological Science can open the door to a rewarding life after Ball State.