Annual Poster Session

Each year in mid-April, the Department of Psychological Science holds a poster session in which undergraduate and graduate students present their research. The event is open to students of all majors who have completed or partially completed any behavioral science research project in which they took an active role. Such projects include independent research conducted under faculty supervision, collaborative work done with a professor, honors theses, master’s theses, and independent research that fulfilled a course assignment. Students can present finalized projects, preliminary data, or predicted results. The event is informal with a friendly atmosphere, and tasty snacks are served. The next poster session will be held Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 1-4 p.m. in the World Languages and Cultures Lab, NQ 160.

Why should you participate?

  • Graduate School admissions committees and potential employers are impressed when an applicant has presented his or her work at an annual departmental conference
  • You can get experience with the final step in the research process: communicating your results and conclusions to others
  • You can exchange research ideas with other students and faculty
  • You can have your work recognized by faculty and peers
  • You can help educate other students about research being conducted at Ball State

Register by April 7, 2016 so that we can print name tags and certificates and so that all projects will be included in the program. The instruction booklet includes a registration form.

Contact the program organizer: Dr. Kerri Pickel.

2015 Program

Undergraduate Honors Theses
Devin M. Bishop The outcomes of self-objectification: Investigating the impact of cognitive-emotional outcomes on female sexual functioning

Kylie Buck Are you who I think you say you are? Effects of linguistic abstraction on applicant evaluation

Hanna Hlebasko Language use in the interview setting: The effect of powerful and powerless language on gender role interpretation

Haylie Rebilas Attitudes towards physical activity in older adults: An examination of cognitive impairment status, caregiver status, and occupational therapy awareness

Caleb Robinson Synesthesia and memory: An exploratory analysis

Jacob Watson Mousetracking and indecisiveness

Honors Fellowship Research
Kalee Miller, Rachel Spriggs, & Chih-Lun Yen Factors influencing Gen Y’s job choice

Master’s Thesis
Kinsey Bryant-Lees Evaluations of job applicants: Consequences of gender and sexual orientation stereotypes in low-status sex segregated occupations

Independent Projects
Sara Comstock & George Gaither Individual perception of risk for STIs among women having sex with women

Rachel Stenger Adoptive identity and family communication patterns

Student-Faculty Collaboration
Zachary Cole, Melanie Mabrey, & Darrell Butler Comparing memory recall using lists, outlines, and concept maps

Class Projects
Megan Ashley, Jaclyn Fullove, Ziyoda Gazieva, Rachel Gonzales, Cassandra Halbert, & Ben Linser Physiological response to taboo words

Heather Bullock, Lisa Schwager, Jessica Mangano, & Nicole Mansfield Predictors of sexual esteem

Erica Dammann, Samm Haas, & Katie Morgan Predictors of sexual fantasies

Jennefer Diaz, Stephanie Fields, Francesca Saviola, & Alexis Wise Predictors of sexual functioning

Barbara Furniss, Adelaid Davis, Victoria Newkirk, Kaitlynn Christian, & MaLeah Mitchell Evaluating study habits and music

Cassie King, Christaina Zappardino, Mickala Robinson, Nathan Bussberg, & Danielle Partin PSYS academic advising

Erin Lewis, Jamia Williams, Melanie Upchurch, Sara Weldon, & Tracy Key Assessment of Psychological Science internships

Mia Miller, Kaelyn Snyder, & La'Keisha Black Predictors of masturbation

Catherine Nyberg, Madison Shorts, Elliot Lakes, & Kaily Hubble Comparing the usage of teaching assistants and study groups in upper-level psychology courses with satisfaction, importance, and graduation

Taylor O'Brien, Clinton Hardesty, Ambria White, & Jerilyn Adams Predictors of sexual satisfaction

Nichole Riley, Alex Novello, Shayna Shelton, & Kaley Tucker An analysis of changes to IEI services and the effects on international students

Emily E. Robbins, Jordan E. Albin, Malcom J. Randolph, Raul Nieto, & Logan J. Stammen The effect of color, extroversion, and heart rate on memory

Rebecca Sherman, Victoria Jacobs, Nicolas Jefferson, Caleb Livesay, & Katie Long Reformatting the PSYS 295 curriculum

Kendra Stockberger, Kat Winston, Tony Kanazeh, Joe Deregnaucourt, & Amanda Lunderman Physiological response to bullying: Empathy’s role in physical reaction

Addison Ulmer, Jaclyn Saunders, Erica Los, & Justin Pineiro Predictors of risky sexual behavior

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