Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Credit hours: 48
Length of program: two years
Model: scientist practitioner

The Clinical Psychology master's program provides training consistent with the scientist-practitioner model and includes a foundation in abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, and assessment. Students complete a 400-hour internship during their second year. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to complete a thesis or other independent research project.

Our primary mission is to prepare students for doctoral study. Because we accept a maximum of only 8 students each year, our class sizes are relatively small, and students easily can collaborate with faculty on research projects.

Graduate Assistantships
Many of our students are funded by an assistantship.

Internship training begins in your second year. Our internship coordinator will assist you in choosing and applying to an internship site. Options include the university counseling center, community mental health centers, Riley Children's Hospital, the Veteran's Administration Hospital, facilities serving children and adolescents, and many more.

Our graduate faculty welcome the opportunity to conduct research with students, and we recommend that all students get involved in research projects. Often our graduate assistants are assigned to work on faculty research projects, but any student can work with the professors. For more information, see the faculty research interests page.

Master's Level Licensure
Our mission is to prepare students for doctoral study. If you are interested in obtaining licensure to work as a master's level therapist, our program would not be a good fit for you.

Required Courses:
PSYS 632, Abnormal Psychology
PSYS 640, Introduction to Psychological Assessment
PSYS 644, Advanced Psychological Assessment
PSYS 652, Introduction to Psychotherapy
PSYS 653, Advanced Topics in Psychotherapy
PSYS 668, Physiological Psychology
PSYS 680, Research Methods in Psychology
PSYS 685, Clinical Internship
PSYS 696, Diversity Issues in Clinical Psychology
EDPS 642, Intermediate Statistics

A variety of electives are available in areas such as cognition, personality, advanced statistics, development.