The following admissions criteria have been established by the Department of Social Work.  To seek formal admission an applicant must have:

  1. Earned at Ball State University a minimum 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 point scale in 100 and 200 level Social Work courses required for the major;           

  2. Electronically submitted a completed Social Work BSW Application Packet to the Chair of the Admissions Committee.Application materials must demonstrate writing skills adequate for entry-level social work practice.

  3. Have on file a completed Volunteer Field / Learning Contract and Evaluation Form for an approved Volunteer Field Experience. This minimum 25-hour Volunteer Field Experience is a course requirement for SOCWK 200.For students transferring in an equivalent of SOCWK 200 from another academic institution, a copy of an evaluation of their volunteer/internship experience, or its equivalent, must be submitted;
  4.  Signed an Admissions Contract verifying:
  • Permission for social work faculty to discuss her/his progress in the social work program with relevant social work faculty members as needed;
  • Permission to discuss her/his criminal history with potential field supervisors and other relevant field agency personnel as needed when practicum arrangements are being made.
  • Request form for senior practicum semester.Please Note: The field practicum is offered only during the spring and summer semesters each calendar year.The concurrent courses, SOCWK 460 and SOCWK 462, total 15 semester hours of course work and are completed during the final semester of completing the BSW degree requirements.All other course work and graduation requirements are to be completed before enrolling in SOCWK 460 and SOCWK 462.Please also note: During practicum, the general policy is that no other courses may be completed, and a student may not be employed.Such policies are based on the fact that practicum is full-time (40 hours per week), with a concurrent seminar which requires research and papers.Any exceptions or special circumstances must be discussed in advance with the Practicum Coordinator. Since practicum experiences are usually unpaid, it is in the student’s best interest to do advance financial and academic planning to avoid difficulties.
  • Date and time of mandatory orientation meeting
  1. Focused upon general career/educational goals consistent with professional undergraduate social work education;
  2. Demonstrated the absence of a criminal history of any of the following offenses:felony, felony assault / assault, drug related offenses, theft, domestic violence, child abuse, murder or manslaughter, felony DUI (bodily injury), and sexual assault, stalking or rape; *
  3. Received favorable evaluations from at least two Ball State Social Work faculty members or from at least two faculty members from a CSWE accredited social work program.

  4. Attended the mandatory admission orientation meeting.Fall applicants must attend the orientation meeting in November.Spring applicants must attend the orientation meeting in April.Summer applicants must attend the orientation meeting in August.Conditional admission students must attend orientation meetings.

*   Students are welcome to seek clarification regarding the Department’s criminal history policy from their social work Faculty Advisor or other social work faculty.