Do you have

  • an interest in helping people?
  • a strong background in the humanities, sciences, and mathematics?
  • a strong work ethic, tolerance, patience, imagination, resourcefulness, and strong reasoning abilities?
  • If so, speech-language pathology and audiology or pre-audiology might be the major for you.

The major of speech-language pathology and audiology encompasses both areas of study. It prepares you to enter either speech pathology master's degree program or doctor of audiology degree program.

Pre-audiology is a professional program; it is more science-based and is for students interested in a doctor of audiology program. This major is well suited for someone who has no interest in speech pathology and is headed towards audiology (or other professional fields such as optometry, dentistry, etc.).

Our majors prepare you for graduate study through lessons in the classroom and experiences in the clinic and, ultimately, for work in private practices, public schools, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other sites. The practice of speech-language pathology requires a master's degree. As of 2007, anyone seeking certification in audiology must have a doctoral degree. Certification for both professions is through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Each state also has its own licensing laws for the practice of audiology and speech-language pathology.

Typically students complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree in either of these majors in four calendar years.

Admission to the clinical portion (SPAA 311 and 319) of the speech pathology and audiology major is restricted and selective. Admission and progression policies are available from the department office in the Arts and Communication Building (AC), Room 104.

Once you complete your graduate degree, you will have a variety of career opportunities in each of these areas.