Ball State is one of the largest producers of teachers and school professionals in the Midwest. Of the more than 18,000 students who attend Ball State, approximately 4,900 students are enrolled in professional education programs. Ball State's Teachers College offers bachelor's, master's, specialist, and doctoral degree programs. Degrees are offered by the departments of:

Some of the significant qualities that characterize the professional education and human service provider programs are the following:

  • Students participate in community service activities as a part of their programs. This required civic engagement expands their understanding of people and the needs of people both inside and outside the schools.
  • Students are engaged in classrooms throughout their programs. Supervised experiences in school classrooms begin in most cases in the freshman year and continue each year so that when student teaching comes, Ball State students are thoroughly prepared to work with K-12 students.
  • Students are increasingly engaging in field experiences in Professional Development Schools—schools with which Ball State has established special professional relationships to improve teaching and learning of faculty and students.
  • Graduate students in non-teaching programs participate in field experiences in department training clinics and on-site offices from the beginning of their training. These students are involved in outreach, counseling, testing, and other opportunities that benefit the local community.
  • Students benefit from the resources of Burris Laboratory School and the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities—the only laboratory school and the only residential school for gifted and talented high school students in the state of Indiana.
  • Students benefit from the fact that teacher preparation is a campus-wide responsibility. Building on Ball State's roots as a teachers college, faculty from seven different colleges are involved in the preparation of teachers. As a result, faculty experts from all areas of study are dedicated to and involved with preparing teachers for Indiana's classrooms.
  • Students have several opportunities for overseas studies in professional education. Programs have been available in England, France, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, and South Africa.
  • Ball State demands quality in the students accepted into its undergraduate and graduate programs and thus is highly selective. In many cases, requirements for Teachers College programs are higher than those for other academic majors.
  • Students benefit from the comprehensiveness of the teacher preparation offerings. Programs are available for nearly every type of teaching license, and at all levels of study, including master's and doctoral programs in professional education. Programs that extend students' options beyond the classroom are also available.
  • Students benefit from the institution's commitment to and involvement with significant national organizations and institutions dedicated to excellence in professional education. Teachers College and many of its programs are accredited by national organizations.
  • Ball State's active role in achieving significant awards and grants for its work in teacher preparation brings multiple benefits and resources to students. These activities contribute to a high level of scholarship and professionalism among faculty, which is transmitted to students.
  • Students benefit from Teachers College's commitment to provide technology leaders for schools. A wireless network environment and a laptop requirement for all incoming teaching majors give students the freedom to experiment with computing and to explore how it affects teaching and learning without the confines of a stationary lab. Students begin to develop digital portfolios their first year on campus.
  • A conceptual framework focusing on the themes of "context, engagement, and expertise" guides all education programs.

These and other attributes of Ball State's programs indicate the high levels of effort, achievement, and expectation that characterize Teachers College. Building on an outstanding tradition of excellence in teacher preparation, Ball State is continuing to exercise leadership in teacher preparation and human service provider training across the state and nation.