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Our online programs in autism meet an ever-increasing need and are changing the lives of children with autism, their parents, the community, and students who are preparing to work with those affected by autism. We offer the state’s only master’s degree in ABA with an emphasis in autism.

Our programs are led by two nationally recognized distinguished professors, David McIntosh and Susan Wilczynski.

Expansive and Growing

The autism and ABA programs are growing rapidly. Since 2009, enrollment in our programs has increased 40 fold, now topping 800 students from 40 states and six countries.

Megan Bevans works with a child

Megan Bevans, ’13, gains real-world experience at an ABA clinic in Muncie, Ind.

Our autism and ABA programs are just one example of our extensive online graduate programs, which received an impressive ranking by U.S. News & World Report in 2012. Consumer advocacy group also ranked two of our online master’s programs in education in the top 10 among its “Best Buys,” with our special education program placing third.

The Teachers College holds numerous rankings and recognitions and is accredited by the National Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NCATE). We continue to innovate through immersive learning and lead in groundbreaking practices that promote high quality experiential preparation at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Explore the ways in which the Teachers College is making a difference now in our classrooms and communities.