Centers and Clinics

Alliance for Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation
The Alliance for Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation provides research, consultation, and training to universities, schools, and communities that seek to develop or refine their programs of teacher preparation.

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CASD)
The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CASD) was founded to produce meaningful answers to the questions that most challenge the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community.

Center for Economic Education
The purpose of this center is to provide effective economic education in area schools, preparing young people for their own and the country's future. For information, contact Sari Harris at

Center for Gifted Studies & Talent Development
The center provides an assessment, consultation, counseling, and advocacy service. It offers courses via IHETS and workshops throughout the state.

Center for School Innovation 
The center helps schools, communities, and administrators develop innovative, entrepreneurial approaches to K-12 education.

Neuropsychology Lab
The laboratory was established as a research and teaching facility. The laboratory also serves the larger community by assessment of, and remedial planning for, people with neurological disorders.

Psychoeducational Diagnostic Intervention Clinic
The clinic provides psychological and educational services to the university and wider community. This is accomplished through consultation, assessment, intervention, training, and research.

TEACH stands for Technological Education and Assessment for Children with Handicaps. This lab is equipped with 12 computer workstations with various equipment and software adaptations. It is a resource center that assists educators in assessing computing needs of children with special needs.

Other Services

Child Care Collection
The Child Care Collection serves as a resource for parents and professionals in the field of early child care and education. These resources include videotapes, books, newspaper articles, and study guides. 

Distance Education
Through the Division of Online and Distance Education, higher education is more flexible and accessible for people who face the challenges of time, distance, and family and work responsibilities.

Professional Development Schools 
The PDS Network is a collaborative planning partnership between professional education programs and P-12 schools for the professional development of teachers and the training of future educators.

Public School Study Councils 
The fundamental purpose of the councils is to bring about the improvement of education in member school systems in the state of Indiana.