Our workforce project supports adolescents and adults as they seek to increase independence, attend college and/or obtain vocational training, and secure employment. The goal is to give individuals with ASD the opportunity to participate more fully in their communities. The research project focuses on 2 areas.

  1. Workforce - Curriculum
    The Workforce Curriculum project is a multimedia curriculum that we are developing to improve the acquisition of employment skills and outcomes that can be readily replicated in other settings by young adults with ASD. The curriculum will be based on a self-determination model and incorporates visual supports for instruction, as well as scripting and role-playing, and social skill development. It also involves mentored experiences, with training for some people with ASD occurring in a web-based format.

    The curriculum will be delivered in small groups. Mentored participants will also meet for one hour per week with their assigned mentor, either in person or virtually. These sessions will follow a sequential format outlined in mentor directions to ensure consistency across mentors.

    The research goal is to combine multiple strategies that have led to improved outcomes for individuals with ASD in previous research to determine if the curriculum increases employment and college involvement.

  2. Workforce - Job Coaching
    The Job Coaching project is designed to identify cost effective and efficient supports that enable success with work skills for young adults with ASD. The immediate goal is to develop an employment intervention that teaches three vocational tasks that are often required in competitive jobs using a different approach for each task. We use three different approaches to teaching these tasks to identify which method of instruction they benefited from the most in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. We also compare the expenses associated with each method, which will include both the cost of technology and the time spent by job coaches.

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