Annual Title II Reports

Original Cohort Report for Academic Year 

2005-2006 Title II Report (PDF) 
2006-2007 Title II Report (PDF) 
2007-2008 Title II Report (PDF)
2008-2009 Traditional Title II Report (PDF)
2008-2009 Alternative Title II Report (PDF)
2009-2010 Traditional Title II Report (PDF)
2009-2010 Alternative Title II Report (PDF)
2010-2011 Traditional Title II Report (PDF)
2010-2011 Alternative Title II Report (PDF)
2011-12 Traditional Title II Report (PDF)
2011-12 Alternative Title II Report (PDF)

State reports and institutional data can be found on the Title II Reporting Web site. This Web site is an excellent source of comparison data among institutions and states. These data are collated in an annual report from the U.S. Department of Education to Congress. Reading The Secretary's Third Annual Report on Teacher Quality gives one an idea of the national agenda.

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