The following organizations are housed in the Teachers College. For information on organizations in your content area, check with the appropriate department or college. Your organization's events and calendar items can be published here.

Alliance of Black and Latino Teachers

Our mission is to connect students to people, organizations, and resources that support Black students in the field of education and broadens the development, retention, and recruitment of Black teachers. Our purpose is to create an organization that specializes in helping students of Black and Latino descent develop and maintain success in both their college and future careers by connecting them to colleagues of similar heritage to share feelings, ideas and hardships wjen studying to be an educator; to create a community that reaches out to K - 12 Black and Latino students to encourage education as a career choice; to create a resource for K-higher educators on how to better reach and teach Black and Latino students. Everyone is welcome!
Meetings: Watch FB, Twitter, Bennylink for info
Co-presidents: Kayla Veal and Troi Genders
Treasurer: Andrew Rosser
Secretary: J. Coles

Alpha Delta Kappa Collegiate Club

Open to all Education majors who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Students who are not yet admitted to the Teacher Education Program may attend meetings, but will not be considered official members until admitted into the Teacher's College. The mission of this club is to build educational excellence, altruism and world understanding through fellowship. We focus on things that teachers need to know, but are not often taught in our classes.

Fall Semester Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, October 19 from 6 — 7:30 p.m. in TC 106.
Tuesday, November 15, from 6 — 7:30 p.m. at Storer Elementary
Thursday, December 1, from 6 — 7:30 p.m. in TC 106

Elections: October 19 and April

Instagram: bsu_adkcc
Twitter: bsu_adkcc
FB: Alpha Delta Kappa Collegiate Club
Bennylink: Alpha Delta Kappa

President: Chloe Woodruff
Faculty Advisor: Lynette Varner

Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training

ANST provides a forum in which graduate students may discuss and disseminate information related to important issues in clinical neuropsychology such as training, practice, research and career opportunities. Membership is limited to graduate students pursuing degrees in psychology or a closely related field.


President: Angela Mion
Vice President: Laura Vasel
Secretary: Marylssa Fillmore
Social Media Officer: Will Philips
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Davis

Election Month: May

Ball State Literacy Council-NCTE Affiliate
President: Brandy Grayson

Meetings take place once a month in TC 1008 from 5 -6 p.m.
Elections are in the fall.

College Mentors for Kids

College Mentors for Kids is an innovative non-profit organization that pairs youth with local college student mentors for weekly activities that expose youth to the opportunities of higher education. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Ball State University hosts roughly 170 children from West View, Albany, Eaton, and Royerton Elementary Schools, and more than 160 Ball State students. Throughout the year, a bond is formed between the Little Buddy (Child) and the Mentor (College Student) that will last a life time. Through weekly after school activities focused on higher education and career, culture and diversity, and community service, mentors help their little buddies understand the importance of education, show them the benefits of cultural understanding, and teach them ways to give back to their communities. Our mission is to connect college students with the most to give to kids who need it most.

Election Month: March

President:  Lexi Wood
Vice President, Programming (Mondays): Julie Bareford
Vice President, Programming (Tuesdays): Caroline Dantoni
Vice President, Programming (Wednesdays): Morgan Tarlton
Vice President, Programming, (Thursdays): Kaitlin Carroll
Vice President, Fundraising and Development: Taccoa Kinsey
Vice President, Brandon Gilstrap
Vice President, Marco Leon

Faculty Advisor: Dixie Denton
National Headquarters (Apply to be a mentor)

BSU Chapter Website

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is a craft club established in 2011. Each year, the club has continued to grow. We meet almost every month during the school year to create preplanned crafts together. For only $40 for the year, you'll get all the supplies need to create 7 different masterpieces. Meeting days vary. More information is available here.
Election Month: May

President: Kristin Pozorski
Faculty Advisor: Dixie Denton

Delivering Educational Support to Kenya
Election Month: April

President: Veronica Smith
Vice President: Valerie Rice
Secretary: Gregory Sotamere
Treasurer: Jared Bishop
Faculty Advisor: Winnie Mucherah

Election Month: April/May

Education In Action

Education in Action has four main purposes: to provide instructional and resource materials and ideas; to promote unity the the Department of Elementary Education; to provide and discuss ideas for improvement in the field of teaching, and to enrich the Department of Elementary Education and our curriculum. 

Election Month: November. New officers start in January and end their terms in December.
Meetings will take place in TC 107 at 5 p.m. on October 18, November 1, November 15, and December 6. We have fun and engaging activities at every meeting, including ice breakers and Make n' Takes.

Join us on facebook

President: Megan Thompson
Vice President: Emily Cade
Faculty Advisor: Nancy Borland

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honors society in education. Members of KDP at Ball State have the privilege of wearing special cords at graduation, and have exclusive access to online resources and webinars through They also have access to member-exclusive networking, professional development, and volunteering opportunities. To become a member, students must have attained sophomore status and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students who meet these requirements will receive an invitation via email to join during Spring semester. Initiation takes place in early April; attendance at the initiation ceremony is mandatory.

President: Alyson Gouveia
Membership Chair: Kirsten Pozorski

Faculty Advisors: Scott Popplewell; Diane Bottomley
Election month: April

Men in Education

Men in Education is about gaining experience. We want to inspire one another and make a difference while empathizing with the gender solitude that may be felt by males upon studying their particular major in education. Men in Education members will participate in various campus events and programs, and have an active presence at Wes Del Elementary. MIE finds immersive learning imperative to success for the future, therefore we volunteer two days each week at Wes Del Elementary School (Wed & Thurs from 2:45 - 3:00 p.m.) tutoring our students of the future.
Election Month: March
Meetings: Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Teachers College room 227

President: Anna Campbell
Advisor: Kourtland Koch

Partners in Literacy

The purpose of PiL is to cultivate creativity, promote critical thinking, and create lifelong readers and writers in order to provide professional development and immersive experience in accordance with the Ball State University mission statement. We will accomplish this by outreach programming in formal and informal contexts that include interactive exhibits with hands-on activities and book read-alongs with children and/or parents.

Election month: Each year in April
Meetings: TBA
President: Rachel Wildemann

Society of Educational Studies

The Mission of SES is to promote collegiality and scholarship among doctoral students in the Department of Educational Studies.
Election Month: Each April
President: David Humphrey
Treasurer: Amy Crouch
Secretary: Camea Davis
Community Relations: Jessica Dubois
Faculty Advisors: Nancy Brooks;
                         Sheron Fraser-Burgess
                         Elena Polush, Emeritus

Student Affiliates in School Psychology

Student Affiliates in School Psychology is an organization for graduate students in the field of School Psychology. Our goal is to help graduate students to continue their professional development by exposing them to a variety of fields and information relevant to working in the school systems as school psychologists.


President: Greg Satmare
Vice President: Marlyssa Fillmore
Treasurer: Sonia Kosmala
Secretary: Nicole Caugherty
Event Coordinator: Taylor White
Social Media Coordinator: Lindsay Rye
Faculty Advisor: Maria Hernandez Finch

Election Month: May

Contact us at Ball State Chapter

Student Council for Exceptional Children

The Student Council for Exceptional Children is a student chapter of the international organization. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in children and adults with special needs. The Department of Special Education hosts this student chapter. The organization is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities -- students with disabilities, deaf, and/or gifted. Every major is welcomed! We provide free transportation and there are no dues because SCEC wants people to have experiences working with people with disabilities!
Election Month: December

President: Elizabeth Wood
Vice President: Abigail Christianson
Secretary: Elizabeth Silvey
Treasurer: Conner Polk
Marketer: Tryen Moffitt
Faculty Advisors: Penny Craig
                         Kourtland Koch

Election Month: December

Student Council for Exceptional Children
Chapter #0320
Department of Special Education
Teachers College 711
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Student Education Association

The Earl A. Johnson chapter of the Ball State University Student Education Association is a pre-professional organization open to all education majors at Ball State University. We focus on professional development and volunteering to get future teachers prepared for their career in the classroom. The Ball State Student Education Association is affiliated with the Indiana Student Education Association, the Indiana State Teachers Association, and the National Education Association.
Election Month: April


President: Lexi Tinkel
Vice Presidents: Mitch Greene and Madison Beerbower
Co-Treasurers: Sabrina Blair  and Carli Vose
Co-Historians: Kassidee McHale and Brandy Grayson
Volunteer Coordinator: Ramey Butler
Co-Publicist: Amber Whitehead
Co-Publicist: McKenzie Weaver
Faculty Advisors:Dr. James Stroud, Kurt Kurtzhalls

Election Month: March

SEA Web site

Students for Education Reform

Students for Education Reform is a national organization and a student-led movement about education injustice. We aim to close the achievement gap, empower student leaders, and create opportunities for preservice teachers at Ball State University to be involved in educational policies and K-12 communities.

Election Month: September

Meetings: Mondays, 5:30 — 7 p.m. (subject to change)

President: Sarah Reason
Vice President: Lydia Newland
Membership Director: Sophia Borzibadi
Events Director: Katie Merchant
Community Outreach Director: Jay Coles
Publicity Director: Siduri Purnell
Faculty Advisors: Nancy Borland and Veronica Fife-Demski