Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transition to Teaching?
The Transition to Teaching (TTT) Program was developed in response to state legislation. The state government intends the program to be offered to candidates who already have the content knowledge in the licensing area. The state defines this as "a transition to teaching program to prepare a qualified person who holds at least a baccalaureate degree to enter the teaching profession through a transition to teaching program." (Title 515 Professional Standards Board)

When is the TTT Program offered at BSU?
Cohort groups for elementary education begin classes in the summer of each year. A cohort group consists of at least the minimum number of students required for a graduate level course. Each group works through 3 consecutive semesters to complete the program.

How do I apply to the Transition to Teaching Program?
For elementary, go to Transition to Teaching Program in Elementary Education for a description of the procedure for application.

Do I need to be admitted to graduate school to be in this program?
Yes. Candidates must apply to and be accepted to the Ball State University Graduate School.

When should I apply?
You should start your application process early. Application materials for each summer cohort are accepted through the end of November. There are several steps to the application process at both elementary and secondary levels. Materials must be obtained from a variety of sources (reference letters, CASA scores, transcripts, graduate school acceptance, criminal history check, short essay) so it is wise to allow ample time for all the sources to respond. Once materials are complete and submitted, a committee will review the applications in the early spring. Notification is typically made in January.

Please be advised that it often takes several weeks or more to get results from the CASA exam.

How many credit hours will I take and how long is the program?
The elementary TTT Program consists of 24 credit hours.

The program begins with work during the summer. Participants are expected to enroll in 3 consecutive semesters. Coursework from each semester must be satisfactorily completed before continuing to the next module. Candidates should expect to complete the program in 3 consecutive semesters if no additional courses are required.

Are any of the courses available online?
A majority of the courses for the elementary TTT are currently offered either on campus or as field experiences.

How do I obtain a limited criminal history report?
Go to the Indiana State Police site. You will need to print out and complete the form. Send it along with a certified check or money order for $7.

Is there any prerequisite coursework that I need?
For elementary, you must have an undergraduate degree that indicates a general knowledge base. You must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, or an overall GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale plus 5 years of professional experience in a related field.

What tests are required?
For elementary, you must have evidence of a passing score on the CASA (reading, mathematics, and writing).

What score is required on CASA?
The minimum acceptable score on the CASA is as follows:

  • 220 Reading
  • 220 Writing
  • 220 Mathematics

Is there any other program besides TTT for someone who has a B.A., not in education, and wants to get into teaching?
If you do not meet all of the requirements for TTT, but still want to pursue a license in teaching, please consider enrolling in an education undergraduate program. Contact the Office of Teacher Education Services (OTES) for an evaluation of your transcripts or visit the sites for elementary education and secondary education for more information.

Who should I talk to about questions that are specific to my situation?
Shawn Sriver at


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