Scheidler Apartments

You can choose from five floor plans and two different communities featuring apartments or town homes for single students and students with families: Scheidler and Anthony.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Married student
  • Student with dependent children
  • Single graduate student
  • Students age 21 and over
  • Student must take a minimum of 6 graduate credit hours per semester.
  • An unmarried student may have a same-sex roommate in a two-bedroom apartment.
 Anthony Apartments

University Apartments Amenities and Services:

  • Utilities, except for land phone, are included in the rent.
  • Air conditioning is provided in Anthony units. Residents in Scheidler Apartments may provide one air conditioner for a one-time installment fee.
  • Cable service is provided (no hook-up charge). Premium cable channels are not available.
  • Residents may use the community room at no charge.
  • Computer access to the main university computer system (including Internet access) is free. Residents will need an SMC Ethernet Card (10 BASE-T or 10/100 BASE-T) and an RJ45 connection cable (not a phone cord).
  • A computer lab is available in the community building.
  • The community has its own maintenance personnel for routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Parking is available in lots near the apartments.
  • Recreational areas for children and adults are located in both communities.
  • Storage cubicles are provided for Scheidler Apartments only.
  • Telephone service is provided by the university to the apartments at a low rate (no hook-up charge).
  • Shuttle bus service is provided from Scheidler and Anthony through the main campus when academic year classes are in session, but not during the summer months.
  • Coin laundromats are available in Anthony and Scheidler communities. Cost is $1.00 for washers and $1.00/per hour for dryers.
  • Some two-bedroom apartments are furnished.

Contracts: You can secure a semester, academic year, or full-year contract.