Students majoring in Elementary Education may enroll in a block of courses during the Fall Semester which are taught by a team of Ball State University faculty members in an Indianapolis urban school. Students must be admitted to the teaching program to participate in the Urban Experience.

What is the "Urban Experience?"
The Urban Experience is an opportunity for students to participate in teaching and learning in an urban public school. Students work in schools from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. every day and take courses "on site" in an elementary school.

How do I take classes?
Classes are taught in a classroom at the school site. Students must take 18 credit hours (6 classes) during this experience. Professors from Ball State travel to Indianapolis to teach classes at the school. Please note that the urban semester is only offered during the Fall Semester.

Which classes are offered through this experience?
The following classes are currently offered:

  • SCI 397 - 3 Credits
  • MATHS 391 - 3 Credits
  • SS 397 - 3 Credits
  • EDRDG 430 - 3 Credits
  • EDEL 350 - 3 Credits
  • Urban Elective - 3 Credits

Do I get to choose the grade level that I teach?
All students are asked for their preference at the beginning of the semester. We will attempt to place students in their area of preference.

Do I have to live in Indianapolis?
No. While we would like for all students to live close to the area in which they are teaching, living in Indianapolis is not mandatory. (A list of apartments in the area is available in the Office of Educational Field Experience)

Why is this a valuable experience?
Teaching in an urban setting is a valuable learning experience for Elementary Education students. It allows students to teach in a multicultural setting and participate in classrooms throughout the course of the school day.

What if I have other questions?
Contact Dr. Scott Popplewell

A full semester's credit is provided so that students can complete all requirements in Indianapolis.