Bursar and Loan Adminstration

The Office of Bursar and Loan Administration is responsible for the billing, collecting, and depositing of all money owed to and/or collected by Ball State University, in addition to setting up and maintaining Cardinal Cash accounts.  We also prepare the federal tax form 1098-T.  The Bursar's office enforces Proxy permissions for parents and others seeking specific information regarding student accounts.

Form 1098-T will be postmarked by January 31.

A bursar hold will prevent future registrations, so prior to receiving your time ticket, be sure you have checked your eBill and resolved any past due balance.

Deferment Option for paying your semester balance.

Information on paying your Apartment Rent charges.

Proxy Access 
Planning to call Bursar? Be sure your student has granted proxy access for you so that we can answer your questions. Learn more.

Authorized Payers
Planning to access your student's eBill online? Be sure your student adds you as an Authorized Payer through their eBill account. Learn more.

Form W9-S (PDF)

Please access the eBill site for instructions on how students, authorized payers, or guest payers can make payments, as well as instructions for students to add an authorized payer to their account.

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In order to comply with regulations that protect the students' identity, Bursar and Loan Administration will require students to grant access to parents (or others) through a new privacy system in order for us to discuss the student's financial information.