Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

2013 Teachers College Outstanding Alumni Awards

BeinekeDr. John A. Beineke and John Zakelj were selected as co-recipients of the 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award. Both are graduates from the Department of Educational Studies. Beineke currently serves as a distinguished professor at Arkansas State University and has a long and distinguished career as dean at three different universities.             

John Zakelj is an Environmental Science teacher from Union High School inJohn Zakelj Randolph County, Indiana. According to former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, "One educator in particular—John Zakelj—is doing great things in Randolph County. With an Alternative Power and Energy Grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development and support from Performance Services, the school corporation, and Union City, John is bringing wind and solar power to the classroom. Thanks to his work, Randolph Eastern plans on pursuing a full-scale wind turbine on school grounds—potentially enough to power the K-12 school."