Find out who your academic advisor is. You can find the name of your academic advisor on your DegreeWorks Audit or by selecting "Current Degree and Advisor" under the student records link in Self Service Banner.

Patricia Bittinger-Mansfield
Coordinator of Advising and Recruiting

Neil Behrman
Advising for Student Athlete Support Services

Audie G. Murphy
Advising & Recruiting Specialist

Cate McClellan
Advising  & Recruiting Specialist

Ball State University
Teachers College Advising and Recruiting, Room 206 
(765) 285-8540

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Using E-mail and Voice mail: Do not use e-mail to try to schedule an appointment. Because of the volume of students, we cannot efficiently use e-mail conversations for scheduling. 

However, students are welcome to use e-mail to filter questions or for immediate priority situations. Also, advisors will assume that you will check your Ball State e-mail account for timely information. Send e-mail in a professional way by including a subject and enough detail to help get a professional response. If you leave a voice mail message, be clear and leave your name and return number. 

Don't procrastinate. This is a No. 1 Best Tip. All advisors get busy during high priority times like Course Request and Change of Course periods. Call early to make sure you have a choice of times and that you have left enough time for follow up appointments if necessary.

Assume Reasonable Responsibility. You are responsible for using the Catalog, the DegreeWorks degree audit; and for being familiar with the University Core Curriculum.

How can we help?

You will be assigned to an advisor in the Teachers College advising and recruiting office when you become a sophomore.

Make an apt. to see us at least once a semester so we can make sure you are on track and taking appropriate courses.

Once you reach sophomore status, you will receive an email from the Teachers College Advising and Recruiting Center prior to scheduling—Please call and make an appointment WHEN YOU GET THE EMAIL. DO NOT wait until your time ticket is open because our schedules will get full very quickly and it will be more difficult to get in to see us.

We can also help in the following ways:

1) do long-range plans if you come in early
2) help you make necessary adjustments to your program, including concentrations and change of major
3) help you get signed up for immersive learning experiences that are being offered
4) help you understand rGrade and Degree Works
5) we can explain the testing (CASA, WPP, Pearson) you need to take at different stages of your education program and steer you to resources and offices that may be helpful to you (office of teacher education services, writing profiency office, etc.)
6) if you are interested in departmental honors, we can provide you information packets about what is involved. A good time to look at this is when you move into your sophomore year.

We will remind you that you need to pass CASA, (if you earned a 24 ACT composite score or a math/verbal sat composite score of 1100, you are exempt) have a 3.0 GPA, and have completed DP 2 course requirements before you will be admitted to Teachers College and be able to move forward in the professional education courses.