General Information

The Lyell L. Bussell Memorial Scholarship Graduate Fund provides monetary support for research and scholarly activities of graduate students in Teachers College, Ball State University. These funds are available to all students who are in approved graduate programs and who are in good standing in Teachers College and the Graduate School. Students may submit applications for more than one type of funding (travel, research, and summer research assistant [only in the spring]). YOU WILL BE ALLOWED ONLY ONE TRAVEL AWARD AND ONE RESEARCH AWARD PER ACADEMIC YEAR. In reviewing applications, the number and type of past awards will be considered in the distribution of funds.

Application Procedures

Awards from the Bussell Fund will be made twice each year during the fall and spring semesters. Applications must be submitted to Lynn in the Office of the Dean, Teachers College room 1009 by the appropriate deadline dates (third Fridays in November and March of each year). The Bussell Funds will be widely advertised so that graduate students have sufficient advance notice. Applications for summer assistants will be submitted during the spring (March) application period. Applications must include a recommendation from a faculty member and be supported by the student's department chair or major professor.

Review and Monitoring Procedures

Applications will be reviewed by the Bussell Memorial Fund Committee consisting of one faculty member from each department, the Dean of Teachers College, and one graduate student.

All students who apply will be informed in writing via e-mail of the disposition of their application.

Reimbursement will occur upon submission of original receipts and completed reimbursement forms.


Lyell Bussell does not reimburse for sales tax (except for travel). If you would like to use the tax exempt certificate please contact Lynn Shipley. Otherwise, you will be reimbursed the amount on your receipt minus the tax amount.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Shipley.