Pre-Student Teaching Educational Field Experiences

The purpose of pre-student teaching field experiences is to give students pursuing teacher education a systematic, planned sequence of experiences in appropriate educational settings. These experiences are designed to familiarize students with principles of classroom management and the teaching-learning process in practical and real school environments and to help them learn how to teach.

Prerequisite Requirement for all Field Experiences

It is up to each individual student to research into the proper and appropriate criminal background check for her/his field experience placement.  All students engaged in a field experience, must complete at the minimum a Limited Criminal History background check.

Students must complete the video training "Protecting Children from Sexual Misconduct" before placement requests will be processed.

OTES-CP will run local and national sexual offender checks on all students engaged in an initial licensure field experience - Decision Point 1 - 4.

A step-by-step guide on how to complete an Observation can be found here.